19:06:22 <Christos> #startmeeting Mozilla EMEA Reps September 2013
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19:06:33 <Christos> Heeeeelllooooooo awesome reps!
19:06:50 <Christos> tonight is a wonderful night for having our September's meeting
19:07:03 <Christos> before we begin let me share with you the pad of the meeting
19:07:17 <Christos> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-09-2013
19:07:34 <Christos> please add your name in the attendances section
19:07:43 <Christos> attendees*
19:08:06 <Christos> on the etherpad you can also find the agenda of the meeting
19:08:17 <Christos> so that was the Introductions topic :P
19:08:25 <Christos> lets go to some interesting announcements
19:08:35 <Christos> while I am making the announcements if you have any questions
19:08:42 <Christos> please type ! or ?
19:08:55 <Christos> in order to make a statement or ask a question :0
19:08:59 <Christos> so
19:09:04 <Christos> #topic Announcements
19:09:32 <Christos> Some days ago we had Mozilla Reps brown bag on air mozilla
19:09:46 <Christos> live from San Francisco's offices
19:09:57 <Christos> you can watch the recording at
19:10:00 <Christos> #link https://air.mozilla.org/reps-at-your-service/
19:10:29 <Christos> if you haven't watch, please do, there are some really useful information there ;)
19:10:53 <Christos> on other news
19:11:01 <Christos> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.reps.general/E27I5t9LyQY
19:11:13 <Christos> Pieros announces the nominees for Reps Elections Fall 2013
19:11:18 <Christos> on the link you can find the names!
19:11:34 <Christos> there are five amazing people and amazing Reps :)
19:12:04 <FrancJP> ?
19:12:08 <Christos> yes FrancJP
19:12:21 <FrancJP> from those five, 2 will be selected, right??
19:13:09 <Christos> FrancJP, yes I think so
19:13:36 <Christos> so moving on!?
19:14:31 <Christos> another important announcement
19:14:53 <Christos> is regarding submitting receipts for getting reimbursed
19:14:56 <Christos> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.reps.general/JxXujRug5Kw
19:15:07 <Christos> please read the mail carefully
19:15:20 <Christos> its really important to understand the whole process
19:15:58 <Christos> any questions for that>
19:15:59 <Christos> ?
19:16:16 <Christos> FrancJP, are your question covered from the mail?!
19:16:38 <Ibrahima> Hi
19:16:41 <FrancJP> well, it's about the swag request
19:16:49 * Christos hey Ibrahima
19:17:12 <Christos> FrancJP, if not i am going to get your answer and mail you early in this week
19:17:19 <Christos> hows is that sounds?
19:17:28 <FrancJP> is ok for me
19:17:38 <Christos> thank you
19:17:39 <FrancJP> is only to other peoples know too
19:17:58 <Christos> any one who wants to make an announcement
19:18:15 <Christos> if you read your mails , all the announcements are there ;)
19:18:35 <Niko> Christos: agreed
19:18:42 <Christos> ok so moving on?
19:19:13 <Christos> #topic Events
19:19:18 <Christos> #undo
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19:19:27 <Christos> #topic Reps Program Updates
19:19:32 <Christos> regarding the that
19:19:47 <Christos> kinger, is going to share with us what happened during the remo camp 2013
19:19:51 <Christos> kinger, the floor is yours!
19:19:55 <Christos> #chair kinger
19:19:55 <remobot> Current chairs: Christos kinger
19:21:36 <kinger> hi everyone
19:22:00 <kinger> So a few weeks ago ~30 mentors met in Madrid
19:22:01 <komal_ji> hello all
19:22:22 <kinger> We were meeting to brainstorm and plan the next phase of the Rpes program
19:22:49 <kinger> Going in, we had a lot of suggested topics to discuss
19:22:53 <kinger> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/remo-camp-2013-topics
19:23:32 <kinger> These were then broken down into 4 themes, listed on the wiki
19:23:37 <kinger> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/ReMo_Camp_2013
19:24:09 <kinger> And the general theme was community building
19:24:27 <kinger> As Reps we should all see ourselves as community builders
19:24:38 <kinger> Building the future of Mozilla
19:24:45 <kinger> Of course, this is not easy
19:25:15 <kinger> So together we have to learn from each other, build tools, build leadership, and so on
19:25:31 <kinger> William Q will be posting a summary this coming week with next steps
19:25:36 <kinger> That's it!
19:25:58 <Christos> thank you very much kinger for your feedback
19:26:07 <Christos> guys, any questions regarding the remo camp?!
19:26:33 <FrancJP> !
19:26:36 <Christos> yes FrancJP
19:26:49 <FrancJP> the mine about the "cleaning" of inactive reps
19:26:52 <FrancJP> ;)
19:27:16 <Christos> FrancJP, we are going to discuss all the questions in the end but ok
19:27:27 <FrancJP> ok
19:27:28 <kinger> Yes this is a process we are in the process of doing
19:27:31 <FrancJP> no hurries then
19:27:51 <kinger> unfortunately some Reps are not active at all, even with heads up and 2nd chances etc
19:28:03 <BenAbdou> +1
19:28:19 <kinger> So we will identify them and go through a process of contacting them with options for moving forward
19:28:31 <kinger> We want to focus on quality not quantity
19:28:56 <FrancJP> +1
19:29:00 <kinger> We'll be communicating this fully, so expect to hear more
19:29:53 <Christos> thank kinger
19:30:02 <Christos> anything else regarding the remo camp?
19:30:18 <Christos> any more questions?
19:30:27 <Christos> so lets move oooon
19:30:31 <Christos> #topic Events
19:30:46 <Christos> there are 2 amazing upcoming events
19:30:53 <Christos> first is the summit ! YEAH!
19:31:15 <Christos> as you may read in the mailing list we are setting up a world fair
19:31:35 <Christos> you have the chance to represent and present your country
19:31:40 <Christos> during the summit
19:32:07 <Christos> it is a really nice way to learn the beauties and traditions of other countries in the worlds
19:32:10 <kinger> !
19:32:18 <Christos> you can find more information at
19:32:19 <komal_ji> Yay!... +1
19:32:20 <Christos> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/Summit2013/Experiences#Fairs
19:32:23 <Christos> yes kinger
19:32:46 <kinger> Christos to you have the link to submit application for the world fair?
19:33:02 <Christos> yes of course
19:33:04 * kinger digs it up
19:33:06 <Flore> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lj_XRlLdhesi-zJOY0AWcppAqSVJvvBvGQplvaDf-MU/viewform
19:33:06 <Christos> it was the second link ;)
19:33:15 <faten> http://mzl.la/summit2013-fairs
19:33:21 <Christos> ahahahah thank you guys!
19:33:30 <Flore> faten: yours looks nicer
19:33:40 <kinger> #link http://mzl.la/summit2013-fairs
19:33:45 <Christos> kinger,
19:34:02 <Niko> ?
19:34:17 <Christos> kinger, something more you want to add?
19:34:34 <kinger> The deadline is tomorrow, so I urge everyone to get in touch with their community immediately to see if you want to participate
19:34:41 <kinger> yes Niko
19:34:45 <Flore> !
19:35:15 <Niko> kinger: We can still apply to contribute to the World fair?
19:35:25 <Flore> Niko: yes
19:35:28 <kinger> Niko yes, until EOD tomorrow
19:35:29 <faten> Flore i copied it fom Pierros mail on the reps mailing list  :)
19:35:43 <Niko> kinger: Ok then, I've got to be fast :D
19:35:56 <faten> Deadline is this Monday 23rd of September EOD UTC
19:36:13 <Flore> There were very few booths submitted for Brussels (where most of us are going)
19:36:36 <Flore> Please don't let the US win this contest! We can do better than Santa Clara
19:36:47 <kinger> Flore yes!
19:36:47 <Niko> Also second question, does it make sense to colaborate with communities which are similar to ours, eg. I think I've heard they are doing a german speaking booth, so would something like this be applicable to Balkan similar speaking communities?
19:37:00 <kinger> Niko absolutely
19:37:05 <Christos> i am going to the US so yes, we are going to win!
19:37:08 <kinger> grouping together is a good idea
19:37:46 <Ibrahima> !
19:37:46 * ioanachiorean chrisros u know u are wrong.. :P
19:37:54 <Niko> kinger, Christos et al. : Thanks, I'll see what can be organized ASAP :D
19:38:06 <Christos> thank you Niko
19:38:08 <kinger> Ibrahima yes
19:38:08 <Christos> Flore,
19:38:12 <Flore> Niko: very good idea
19:38:15 <Ibrahima> Grouping is a good idea, especially if you're alone like me ;-)
19:38:37 <Flore> Christos: everyone knows that womoz will win every contest! Agree ioanachiorean?
19:38:41 <Niko> Ibrahima: no one is alone, we are all Mozilla ;)
19:38:51 <kinger> Any other summit questions or comments?
19:38:53 * Christos Flore Womoz rock!
19:38:54 * ioanachiorean ibrahima no one is alone! We are one Mozilla!
19:38:57 <komal_ji> yay!.. I agree wid Flore +1
19:39:10 <Christos> guys lets move on :)
19:39:13 <komal_ji> Womoz always Rock!..
19:39:14 * ioanachiorean womoz rocks! We'll win..
19:39:14 <komal_ji> ;)
19:39:16 <Ibrahima> I am talking about origin or language ;)
19:39:16 <Flore> And we are at the 3 locations :)
19:39:36 <Christos> Ibrahima, try to contact a group similar to you, but you have to make it fast
19:39:54 <Flore> Womoz is beyond country and language!
19:40:04 <Christos> anything else regarding Summit?!
19:40:06 <Ibrahima> There's none, I am going to represent Fulah language
19:40:17 <Ibrahima> ioanachiorean ;-)
19:40:26 <Christos> Ibrahima, thats great!
19:40:28 <FrancJP> !
19:40:32 <Christos> yes FrancJP
19:40:39 <FrancJP> the spanish community will be represented by an argentinian
19:40:45 <FrancJP> it could always be worst XD
19:40:59 <Christos> great!
19:41:02 <Christos> ahahah
19:41:12 <Christos> lets move on the Mozilla Festival guys :)
19:41:30 <Christos> the link is familiar to you
19:41:34 <Christos> #link http://festival.mozilla.org/
19:42:01 <Christos> as you already know there are going to be 15 sponsored Reps in this years festival
19:42:28 <Christos> who are going to represent Mozilla
19:42:37 <Christos> and have a special role this year during the Mozfest
19:42:40 <Ibrahima> Flore +1
19:42:59 <Christos> this year Mozfest is mainly focused on the Webmaker movement
19:43:16 <Ibrahima> yay!
19:43:21 <Christos> so the Reps who are going to go are deeply involved in the project
19:43:31 <Christos> and are going to have a special mission
19:43:41 <Flore> yeah!!!
19:43:57 <Christos> there are going to be some more formal announcements during the week
19:44:18 <Christos> now, if you are a rep and you are going to the festival with your own budget
19:44:48 <Christos> and you want to represent mozilla, be a hero and have a special role during the festival
19:44:56 <Christos> please send me a mail
19:45:01 <Christos> i have a surprise for you ;)
19:45:25 <Flore> Everyone wants to be a hero :)
19:45:26 <Christos> any questions comments regarding the festival?
19:46:18 <Christos> so moving on i guess
19:46:27 <Christos> #topic Firefox OS mobilizers + Reps
19:47:02 <Christos> as you know Firefox OS i still launching in your country, or in the country next to you
19:47:13 <Christos> or it is going to be launched in your country hoho
19:47:14 <Ibrahima> Yeah
19:47:23 <Christos> the thing is that during the launch
19:47:37 <Christos> we are going to need the amazing help of our mobilizers
19:47:45 <Christos> but the thing is that we don;t have enough
19:48:29 <Christos> so one of our targets is to build a strong community of Mobilizers in our country
19:48:56 <Christos> what do you think reps, are you going to help the launch of Firefox OS and build an amazing community for once again?!
19:49:13 <Ibrahima> ASOLUTELY!!
19:49:23 <komal_ji> Yeah!....
19:49:42 <Christos> Lets go Reps!
19:49:46 <Christos> lets make it happen!
19:49:49 <Flore> YES!
19:49:54 <Christos> please contact your local launch team
19:50:00 <Christos> or your community leader
19:50:10 <Christos> and ask for more information ;)
19:50:28 <kinger> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxOS/Community/Mobilizers
19:50:32 <Christos> oh and dont forget
19:50:36 <Christos> thanks kinger
19:50:46 <Christos> yeah, and dont forget the wiki link :P
19:51:19 <Christos> any questions or comments
19:51:30 <Ibrahima> ?
19:51:46 <Christos> yes Ibrahima
19:51:47 <Niko> ?
19:51:53 <Ibrahima> No launch in France planned yet?
19:51:55 <Christos> i hope you are not going to ask for launch dates :P
19:52:06 <Christos> ahahaha Ibrahima i dont know mate, sorry :(
19:52:12 <Ibrahima> ok
19:52:15 <Christos> Niko,
19:52:22 <kinger> no plans for France yet AFAIK
19:52:49 <Christos> Niko,
19:53:03 <Niko> I'm guessing it would be sane to assume that inter community sharing for launches makes sense
19:53:14 <Niko> especially in similar language communities?
19:53:25 <kinger> Niko absolutely
19:53:38 <kinger> We are asking previous launch countires to mentor new ones
19:53:40 <Niko> Maybe even sharing people for major events, to the extent that the trip costs are sane?
19:53:54 <kinger> We have a beasecamp for the launch teams where we share information
19:54:28 <Ibrahima> who's kinger?
19:54:39 <Christos> Brian King :)
19:54:40 <Flore> Ibrahima: Brian King
19:54:40 <Niko> kinger: Cool, seems like a good idea to pool the resources and experiences for future launches
19:55:02 <FrancJP> Niko: we can share our experience in spain
19:55:02 <Niko> I think that answers my questions, I
19:55:09 <FrancJP> and poland surely will do the same ;)
19:55:12 <Niko> FrancJP: Awesome, that would be lovely :D
19:55:36 <Niko> FrancJP, kinger: Do we have a platform or central site for the sharing already?
19:55:57 <kinger> Niko mainly Basecamp
19:56:04 <Niko> or are the assets uploaded somewhere else, blogs etc?
19:56:13 <Niko> link :) ?
19:56:17 <kinger> An invite only one right now, because sensitive partner material is being shared
19:56:23 <Niko> aaaaaa, got it
19:56:49 <kinger> When the Croatian launch team is formed Niko, you'll get signed up :)
19:56:49 <Niko> Ok ok, than that answers my question, thanks! EOL
19:56:55 <Niko> kinger: ;)
19:57:10 <Christos> any more comments regarding that guys?
19:57:28 <Ibrahima> Oh yes, didn't realize kinger is Brian, thanks (cheers Brian)
19:57:46 <kinger> !
19:57:57 <Christos> kinger,  you are the co chair
19:58:03 <kinger> :)
19:58:04 <Christos> please be free to jump in anytime
19:58:14 <Christos> s/be/feel/
19:58:18 <kinger> just want to return briefly to the Remo Camp
19:58:26 <Christos> absolutely
19:58:26 <kinger> Great report here from Michelle"
19:58:37 <kinger> #link http://michellethorne.cc/2013/09/remo-camp-2013/
19:58:43 <kinger> EOM
19:58:56 <Christos> thank you kinger for all your links tonight
19:59:04 <kinger> pleasure
19:59:06 <Christos> always in the right time ;)
19:59:17 <Christos> so lets move on in the Open floor session
19:59:21 <Christos> #topic Open Floor
19:59:26 <Flore> !
19:59:30 <Christos> now its time to look on the questions
19:59:43 <Christos> and discuss anything that it is not added on the agenda
19:59:44 <Christos> yes Flore
19:59:49 <Flore> About Summit, there's also the innovation floor
20:00:02 <Flore> Please also consider submitting booths
20:00:23 <Christos> Flore, link?
20:00:24 <Flore> If you think you have anything technic that is worth sharing with other mozillians
20:00:34 <Flore> same as world
20:00:55 <Christos> oh yes
20:00:59 <Flore> http://mzl.la/summit2013-fairs
20:01:05 <Flore> Just select "innovation"
20:01:17 <Christos> #link http://mzl.la/summit2013-fairs
20:01:19 <Flore> Deadline is tomorrow eod
20:01:38 <Christos> keep it mind guys ;)
20:01:38 <Niko> Flore: ?
20:01:51 <Christos> yes Niko
20:02:08 <Flore> yes Niko
20:02:09 <Niko> What type of "" Innovation, is expected on the floor?
20:02:28 <Niko> it's a bit of a broad word :)
20:02:36 <Flore> Anything that would be useful to fellow mozillians, reps
20:02:55 <Flore> It's not going for the nobel prize ;)
20:03:04 <Flore> It does not have to be genius
20:03:16 <Flore> Just useful, worth demonstrating and sharing
20:03:22 <Niko> Hmmm, ok, we'll see if we can have anything ready for the Summit, or we'll just post it somewhere later
20:03:29 <Niko> a Farnsworth reactor or two
20:03:30 <Flore> For example, there is a tool to use webmaker offline
20:03:30 <Niko> :)
20:03:49 <Christos> great! thank you Flore for the infromation!
20:03:53 <Flore> It can be code, electronics
20:04:07 <Flore> Christos: I'm science fair leader in Brussels ;)
20:04:14 <Niko> Flore: Thanks, I have a couple of things in mind, but I'm unsure if they be showcase ready
20:04:19 <Christos> what can i say, womoz rock once again
20:04:26 <Flore> Christos: :)
20:04:35 <Christos> Niko, it worth trying! ;)
20:04:44 <Niko> In any case, we'll figure something out, for later if not for the Summit
20:04:46 <Flore> Niko: it does not have to be perfect :)
20:05:00 <Niko> question answered, EOM :)
20:05:02 <Flore> Niko: would be great ;)
20:05:09 <Christos> thank you Flore and Niko! :D
20:05:18 <Niko> Flore: I know, but I don't want to showcase something in early mid development :D
20:05:32 <Flore> Niko: I understand ;)
20:05:41 <Niko> it has to look like something useful to be percieved as useful :D
20:05:54 <Niko> EOM :)
20:06:01 <Flore> eom for me too
20:06:01 <Christos> regarding the questions on the etherpad now, I can see that most of them are answered during the meeting
20:06:08 <Christos> except this Webmaker events: where I can find more information about making an event in my city? (FrancJP)
20:06:25 <Christos> where i have the most amazing answer!
20:06:27 <Christos> #link https://lasr21.makes.org/thimble/reps-and-webmaker-events
20:06:38 <FrancJP> Thanks! ;)
20:06:47 <Christos> it is a comic which describes how to run a webmaker event in your city!
20:06:51 <Christos> it really rocks!
20:07:10 <Christos> Luis and Michelle made it during the remo camp
20:07:33 <Christos> so do you have any topic you want to discuss
20:07:39 <Christos> or comment or questions?!
20:07:48 <Ibrahima> No
20:07:53 <FrancJP> I think it's covered
20:07:59 <FrancJP> at least my questions in the pad
20:08:06 <Christos> happy to hear that :)
20:08:20 <Niko> Christos: LOL, awesome strip :D
20:08:35 <Christos> so if not we are going to end the meeting in one minute
20:08:39 <Christos> Niko, strip?
20:09:06 <Christos> Niko, you mean the comic?
20:09:09 <Niko> Christos: comic strip, yeah
20:09:16 <Christos> yeah it ROCKS :D
20:09:40 <Christos> so guys thank you for another wonderful meeting and evening
20:09:44 <Christos> it was a joy :)
20:09:54 <Christos> see you in the Summit
20:09:57 <Christos> or the Festical
20:09:58 <Flore> See most of you in Brussels :)
20:09:59 <Christos> Festival
20:10:09 <FrancJP> see you in brussels ;)
20:10:14 <Christos> and of course in on month for our october EMEA meeting :)
20:10:16 <Flore> And remember, visit the womoz booth, we'll have some surprises
20:10:21 <Niko> See you all in Brussels! :D
20:10:23 <Ibrahima> Cheerio!
20:10:29 <kinger> THanks everyone
20:10:34 <Christos> thank you kinger
20:10:37 <Christos> #endmeeting