23:04:01 <regnard> #startmeeting
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23:04:23 <regnard> We've just started the North American Reps update meeting
23:04:35 <regnard> agenda can be found at:
23:04:38 <Rtsayles> Ok
23:04:38 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-meeting-09-26-13?
23:05:18 <Kensie> regnard: I pinged some people in #northamerica I don't have "NA Reps" on my highlight list ;)
23:05:31 <regnard> thanks Kensie
23:06:01 <regnard> so, should we wait for people joining the meeting from that channel?
23:07:07 <regnard> anyways, let's just continue
23:07:40 <Kensie> regnard: no one replied so yes continue
23:09:21 <regnard> sorry, got disconnected there
23:09:36 <Kensie> regnard: that's ok, that gave Janet and Emma time to join :)
23:09:44 <regnard> :D
23:09:46 <regnard> awesome
23:09:56 <regnard> so, in keeping w/ agenda
23:09:58 <emmairwin> Hi sorry I'm late
23:10:03 <Rtsayles> Sorry lost connection
23:10:27 <regnard> It's OK Emma, you're just in time for your quick update
23:10:29 <regnard> :D
23:10:42 <jms> Hi!
23:10:48 <Rtsayles> Hello
23:11:35 <emmairwin> oh my quick update?
23:11:43 <emmairwin> ok umm.  I am swamped preparing for Summit and Mozfest.
23:12:22 <emmairwin> I haven't planned any local activities, but I did setup a meeting with a Portland Open Ed advocate - who I'm excited is interested in joining NA rep efforts in portland
23:12:28 <emmairwin> thanks Regnard for joining me on the call
23:12:32 <regnard> ok, so not a lot of commmunity building activity since the last meeting
23:12:39 <emmairwin> oh right that
23:12:45 <emmairwin> well my session is on community building at summit
23:13:01 <emmairwin> I have talked with David B and David Eaves about delivering a community building workshop  to Vancouvver ofice
23:13:11 <emmairwin> I provided feedback on the workshop as it is (did this at RemoCamp)
23:13:19 <emmairwin> plan is to deliver it right after Summit - prob more like NOvember
23:13:52 <emmairwin> that;s it , I think
23:14:03 <regnard> ok, thanks Emma
23:14:09 <davidwboswell> emmairwin, sounds great.  let me know how i can help with the session.  btw, i talked to eaves today and he'll be responding about the session soon as well
23:14:14 <regnard> For me, it would be university outreach
23:14:19 <emmairwin> Yes eaves needs to respond :)
23:14:39 <davidwboswell> yeah, i was pinging him this week :)
23:14:54 <emmairwin> you are awesome - thanks
23:15:04 <davidwboswell> np
23:15:05 <emmairwin> I am one step away from twitter-harassing him
23:15:22 <davidwboswell> go for it :)
23:15:22 <Rtsayles> :-)
23:15:30 <regnard> I've had a quick discussion with Kate, and we both decided it would be better to defer the key discussions after the summit
23:15:31 <davidwboswell> ok, i need to pick up kids -- talk to everyone later
23:15:37 <regnard> thanks david
23:15:56 <regnard> that's my quick update for university outreach
23:16:00 <Rtsayles> Goodbye David
23:16:09 <regnard> is casey around?
23:16:35 <regnard> looks like he's not here
23:16:43 <regnard> benjamin, are you online?
23:17:11 <Kensie> regnard: he's not, I pinged on facebook
23:17:19 <regnard> just pinged him as well
23:17:32 <regnard> all right on to the next-- Kensie :)
23:17:36 <Kensie> :D
23:18:12 <Kensie> So wrt to Dev Derby, I realized that the timeline was too aggressive with the summit, we have agreed to slip. Also the MDN redesign has slipped and it makes sense to time the relaunch closer
23:18:29 <Kensie> it would be silly to relaunch then redesign the site a couple months later
23:18:46 <Kensie> we have been having some good discussions though, and hopefully more people will jump in after summit
23:19:08 <Kensie> Priority Cities isn't on the agenda, want me to toss an update there?
23:19:11 <jms> Kensie: where I can I follow those discussions?
23:19:22 <Kensie> jms: we have a discussion group, just a sec
23:19:39 <Kensie> jms: https://www.mozilla.org/about/forums/#community-devderby
23:19:59 <Kensie> jms: would LOVE to have your input :D
23:19:59 <regnard> np Kensie
23:20:02 <jms> Kensie: thanks!
23:20:06 <regnard> will add it to ehterpad
23:20:48 <Kensie> So it seems everyone likes my first draft on the Priority city proposal, and we can just go with it
23:21:10 <Kensie> next steps would be to communicate it out a bit more and start working on identifying key events in the priority cities that we should be working on
23:21:15 <regnard> can you share the URL for reference?
23:21:20 <Kensie> yes
23:21:31 <Kensie> https://majken.etherpad.mozilla.org/priority-cities
23:21:33 <regnard> thanks
23:22:17 <regnard> any more updates for the priority city focus?
23:22:36 <Kensie> No, no updates :)
23:22:49 <regnard> ok, thanks
23:23:09 <regnard> is jeff around?
23:23:23 <Kensie> he doesn't seem to be on IRC
23:23:35 <regnard> ok, i'll give the quick update then
23:24:07 <regnard> Jeff has been keeping an eye on l10n for native languages
23:24:48 <regnard> there was one opportunity for an event that we couldn't go to, but we all agreed that we shall be following key events in the next few months
23:25:24 <regnard> there was a discussion in the North America Reps basecamp, and I invite other NA Reps to join in
23:25:51 <regnard> and that covers our quick updates :D
23:26:23 <regnard> anyone would like to chime in before we jump to our next agenda item?
23:26:43 <emmairwin> only that we still nee someone for world fair lead at Toronto Summit
23:26:47 <emmairwin> looking for suggestions
23:26:53 <regnard> ah, that
23:26:59 <regnard> that's actually the next agenda item
23:27:04 <regnard> The Summit
23:27:07 <emmairwin> oh, perfect
23:27:08 <Kensie> regnard: regarding l10n I would love to have a better understanding of what we need in place to do it
23:27:28 <Kensie> and then figure out how much of it we actually have in place. That was my biggest concern about making a push to get to this event.
23:27:42 <Kensie> but not suggesting we talk about that now
23:27:45 <Kensie> suggesting it as an action item
23:28:01 <regnard> sure, like have a discussion in basecamp?
23:28:10 <Kensie> yeah, or maybe arrange a meeting with jeff
23:28:30 <Kensie> (both!)
23:28:47 <regnard> I think he'll be in Toronto for the Summit
23:29:36 <regnard> we can start at basecamp then have a discussion with him at the Summit
23:30:44 <regnard> #action Continue l10n discussion in Basecamp, then have call/meeting
23:31:22 <Kensie> great!
23:31:40 <regnard> ok, on to The Summit
23:31:51 <regnard> #topic NA Reps at The Summit
23:32:46 <regnard> Perhaps the most pressing matter is the Toronto World Fair Lead role
23:33:32 <regnard> Alex Wafula was supposed to lead the WF, but he won't be going to the Summit
23:34:17 <regnard> Emma, there's still no one taking on that role, right?
23:34:37 <Kensie> I'm only hesitating because I don't want to leave WoMoz in the lurch. We do have one person who will be able to cover that booth though
23:34:43 <Rtsayles> Wish I could help out
23:34:55 <Kensie> so if no one else is stepping forward then I will definitely do it
23:35:26 <Kensie> I'm sure we could find people at the summit to help with the booth, that might be a little to late to find a world fair lead ;)
23:35:39 <regnard> Great!
23:36:47 <emmairwin> no one yet (sorry Had to step away)
23:37:16 <regnard> Emma, you think you can communicate with the Summit experiences team that Kensie is willing to step up for the WF lead role?
23:37:17 <emmairwin> so is that Kensie saying she will do it?
23:37:21 <emmairwin> yes , will do
23:37:38 <emmairwin> thanks so much
23:37:43 <regnard> #action Emma to communicate to Summit WF team about Kensie as WF Lead
23:37:46 <regnard> Yey!
23:37:52 <regnard> :D
23:37:58 <Kensie> emmairwin: yes, I will do it
23:38:43 <emmairwin> will update you with more details (or Pierros will(
23:39:31 <regnard> It looks like most NA Reps will be in Toronto or Brussels
23:40:58 <regnard> and it looks like most Reps are involved in sessions or activities, or are going to be site hosts
23:41:09 <Kensie> or both!
23:41:20 <regnard> so it looks like we're going to be too busy to plan anything specific
23:41:43 <regnard> probably on the fly social activity on the evenings
23:41:46 <Kensie> regnard: we should make sure to wear our reps pins so that while we're doing other things people can see we're reps
23:42:09 <regnard> We can also wear our black shirts
23:42:19 <regnard> and the reflector vests
23:42:38 <Kensie> well I wouldn't want to wear my black shirt every day (i'm really not a fan of it)
23:42:54 <Kensie> but a pin is easy to add to the lanyard or whatever we're wearing
23:43:16 <regnard> Oh yeah, I think the Council will announce that the official Rep shirt day is Saturday
23:43:18 <regnard> :)
23:43:18 <Kensie> and as a site host I think I have to wear the hoodie
23:43:35 <emmairwin> also not wearing my black shirt every day (also not a fan)
23:43:58 <emmairwin> I think we also get shirts
23:44:10 <regnard> Yeah, you can wear the pin everyday, but it's highlly recommended to wear the black shirt on Saturday
23:44:15 <Kensie> yes!
23:44:21 <Kensie> in general, wear some reps swag!
23:44:23 <emmairwin> pin pin, where did I put  my pin ;)
23:44:27 <emmairwin> yes will try
23:44:54 <Kensie> emmairwin: that alternative apparel site had some nice options, we should go rogue and have some womens reps shirts printed
23:45:14 <emmairwin> +1 million , yes I wish we'd had them for Adacamp
23:45:20 <emmairwin> I was going to make my own, but ran out of time
23:45:53 <emmairwin> is there a good quality Reps logo that we could take to a printer?
23:46:08 <regnard> I think there should be a logo file somewhere in SVG
23:46:21 <regnard> maybe check the wiki
23:46:40 <Kensie> I think it's in the bug
23:47:19 <regnard> anyways, should we organize a Reps night on one of the evenings (at least in Toronto)?
23:48:00 <regnard> we don't have to sort that out now-- we can announce it during the Summit
23:48:08 <regnard> Just gauging people's interest
23:48:39 <Kensie> regnard: just wondering to what purpose
23:48:42 <Kensie> just a social?
23:48:46 <regnard> yeah
23:48:58 <regnard> nothing official
23:49:06 <Kensie> there isn't anything planned for Friday experiences it seems
23:49:13 <Kensie> everything is on Saturday ;)
23:49:16 <Kensie> so that would be a good time
23:49:35 <regnard> OK, so if we're going to do something, it's likely to be on Friday
23:49:36 <Kensie> IMO we should have the movie friday night since CN Tower and Nuit Blanche is Saturday
23:49:42 <regnard> Exactly
23:49:51 <regnard> I saw the Nuit Blanche map
23:50:01 <Kensie> also people will still be recovering, so friday is perfect for sitting around watching movies
23:50:04 <regnard> The hotel is quite near ALL the keay areas
23:50:11 <Kensie> yes!
23:50:24 <regnard> Saturday evening is going to be CRAZY in Toronto
23:51:02 <regnard> OK, let's keep that in our back pocket and see if there are Reps who'd like to get together on Friday
23:51:29 <regnard> so, any other items that need to be discussed?
23:51:40 <regnard> we only have 2 major agenda items
23:51:54 <regnard> if not, we can wrap it up :)
23:52:00 <Kensie> regnard: oh
23:52:04 <Kensie> did we hear more about the Toronto booth?
23:52:11 <regnard> Nah
23:52:18 <Kensie> we still don't really have  plan to capitalize on the Toronto summit for community building
23:52:26 <regnard> Looks like Chelsea's got it covered
23:52:26 <Kensie> emmairwin: logo bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=644068
23:52:28 <remobot> Bug 644068: major, --, ---, tshahian, RESOLVED FIXED, ReMo logo for launch this weekend
23:53:17 <regnard> Kensie, did you have some ideas in mind?
23:53:30 <Kensie> regnard: well I mean there are things I'd lvoe to do if we had all the time in the world ;)
23:53:54 <Kensie> but right now I'm thinking that maybe we just want to make sure people know about toronto@mozillacanada.org
23:54:10 <Kensie> so that if they're talking to people on the street they know where to send them to get involved
23:54:15 <emmairwin> you have your own list?
23:54:30 <emmairwin> anyway have to duck out
23:54:31 <Kensie> emmairwin: oh yes we do have our own community list, but that is just an email address
23:54:37 <Kensie> right now it goes to Regnard and I
23:54:37 <emmairwin> nice chatting - take care
23:54:45 <regnard> thanks, emma
23:54:49 <Kensie> (we just got the list)
23:55:37 <regnard> Kensie, just to clarify, you're referring to reaching out to people who are not part of the Mozilla community yet?
23:56:14 <Kensie> regnard: so we will be all over the city, and people from say Japan might be talking to peope that live in Toronto and find out they want to get involved
23:56:48 <Kensie> I'm suggesting we do something to try and make sure that everyone who attends the Toronto summit knows where to send anyone they meet on the street who wants to learn more
23:57:00 <regnard> Good point
23:57:16 <Kensie> if casey can get osTicket installed on our server we could have it configured by the summit
23:57:29 <Kensie> we'd also have time to have cards printed up to give people
23:58:13 <Kensie> so very basic, no planned campaign, just being prepared to capitalize on anything that happens naturally
23:58:23 <regnard> OK, realisitically I think we won't have enough time
23:58:36 <regnard> especially when you get involved as World Fair Lead
23:59:11 <regnard> Let's continue the discussion on Basecamp, and see if we can go with a smart approach for this one
23:59:12 <Kensie> regnard: osTicket configuration is simple, and I already have the design for my business cards, I just need to change it to say Mozillians Toronto instead of my name
23:59:18 <Kensie> but yeah, basecamp
23:59:38 <regnard> #action Continue Toronto Summit community building in Basecamp
00:00:03 <regnard> OK, I have a hard stop at in a minute
00:00:13 <regnard> Big thanks to everyone who joined the meeting
00:00:22 <regnard> We have a week before The Summit
00:00:44 <regnard> Excited to see folks who will be in Toronto :)
00:00:50 <regnard> #endmeeting