17:00:51 <xelawafs> #startmeeting
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17:01:15 <knaszradi> here is the agenda: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/studentambassadors-relationshipwithreps
17:01:43 <knaszradi> could everyone please write their names under attendees ?
17:02:06 <knaszradi> it's at the bottom of the etherpad
17:02:12 <knaszradi> under 'Tuesday, July 23rd'
17:03:04 <knaszradi> ok, looks like we have a small group today - which is ok :)
17:03:24 <knaszradi> and actually leads well to my first question - who else needs to be involved in this conversation as we progress?
17:03:27 <Anup> done :)
17:03:52 <imran> I think Gautham
17:04:38 <knaszradi> ok - mind adding his name to the etherpad?
17:04:55 <imran> sure knaszradi
17:05:23 <knaszradi> I'm also thinking it would be great to partner with the Reps Council at different phases of our progress with this
17:05:28 <knaszradi> does that sound good to all?
17:05:42 <xelawafs> #topic Who needs to be involved
17:05:44 <Anup> yes , involvement of council would be good :)
17:05:53 <xelawafs> yeah, definitely
17:05:58 <Anup> #agreed
17:06:02 <imran> yes
17:06:03 <knaszradi> any other groups of Reps that should be involved?
17:06:15 <knaszradi> I don't want to send everything out for feedback from everyone
17:06:25 <knaszradi> but want to make sure we get voices who are really important heard
17:06:26 <xelawafs> we have an SIG for the ambassadors program
17:06:43 <xelawafs> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SIGs
17:06:58 <xelawafs> this morphed out to be the SWG
17:07:01 <Anup> @xelawafs ... I saw that cool :)
17:07:23 <knaszradi> right - the SWG will definitely be a part of the conversation - but great reminder :)
17:08:17 <knaszradi> any other group?
17:08:42 <xelawafs> I think we can pick on a coupl of Reps SIGs that align to some of our activities
17:09:17 <knaszradi> xelawafs: awesome
17:09:18 <knaszradi> noted
17:09:26 <knaszradi> ok - let's move on to question two
17:09:57 <knaszradi> I know I sent out this etherpad for brainstorming last week but before we start working on the framework/shaping this. Is there anything large missing?
17:10:13 <knaszradi> under 'Ideas for Engagement between the two groups moving forward:'
17:10:51 <xelawafs> #topic Ideas for Engagement between the two groups moving forward
17:12:08 <xelawafs> ideas on the list looks pretty solid for a start
17:12:13 <knaszradi> I find it hard to believe there aren't more thoughts on this? :)
17:12:31 <gauthamraj> #idea volunteerly contact club leads with nearest reps details.
17:12:56 <knaszradi> LOVE that!
17:13:00 <knaszradi> noted on the etherpad
17:13:18 <gauthamraj> I am on mobile so cannot open etherpad..:-(
17:13:24 <xelawafs> we should probably highlight this: #link https://reps.mozilla.org/people/#/
17:13:29 <knaszradi> how does everyone like the concept of recruiting 1-2 reps/region who are interested in students to be their 'advisors'?
17:13:32 <xelawafs> I don't think all FSAs know about it
17:13:46 <knaszradi> who could help them with these items
17:13:57 <knaszradi> (I would say 'mentors' but I feel that would make it too confusing)
17:14:18 <gauthamraj> Alex why not include that link in our newsletter ?
17:14:37 <knaszradi> Alex - what do you think FSAs don't know?
17:14:38 <Anup> Selecting CLub Leads ?
17:14:58 <xelawafs> knaszradi the link to the map showing all reps and their regions
17:15:21 <xelawafs> raj: good idea on having git on a the nesletter
17:15:28 <xelawafs> *it
17:15:31 <knaszradi> ok - yes, I actually think this would be a good step for them to take right after they sign-up - to find the Rep closest to them
17:16:08 <gauthamraj> Sounds good. may be a FSA taskforce by reps for every community
17:16:20 <imran> before that all the reps should be sent an email on advising FSA's
17:16:29 <Anup> #idea Reps can help selecting Club Leads
17:16:42 <knaszradi> gauthamraj: yes, I think we should start small 1-2 reps per region helping students and then see how much help is needed
17:17:00 <gauthamraj> Exactly
17:17:08 <knaszradi> Anup: thanks for the idea - just have a couple of concerns
17:17:35 <knaszradi> as you know, right now Club Leads self-select (and with so man Fx Clubs) - I'm worried the Reps would be immediately overwhelmed with requests for this
17:18:31 <knaszradi> perhaps this is something we could try in the future? Once the clubs are more settled and are trying to choose next year's leaders?
17:18:37 <gauthamraj> Yeah.. In that case , more reps can join in from that community right ?
17:18:45 <Anup> Yes , But Self-select Option is also not good anyway because maybe the better leaders signed up for the same claub lateron ..
17:19:35 <knaszradi> gauthamraj: to be advisers? Yes, I think that's possible
17:19:53 <imran> knaszradi: There should be some conditions to become club leads in the wiki, then there will not be any issue on becoming self lead or choosing by reps
17:20:10 <knaszradi> Anup: what if these reps hosted a Club Lead training later in the year and those who did not complete the training then would no longer be leads?
17:20:10 <gauthamraj> kate why not contact the club mailing list instead of club lead ?
17:20:30 <Anup> @Knaszadi #agree
17:21:11 <xelawafs> maybe we should just let it pan out and see how it goes
17:21:17 <xelawafs> kind of like with Mozilla communities
17:21:27 <knaszradi> xelawafs: that was the plan starting off...
17:21:34 <knaszradi> I'm not opposed to it
17:21:40 <knaszradi> eventually we'll need more structure
17:21:47 <xelawafs> yeah, exactly
17:21:57 <knaszradi> but I definitely don't think it should be put in place until after 'back to school' time
17:23:06 <knaszradi> Ok - I think we've outlined a strong set of possible relationships here - unless anyone has something else to add I propose we move forward
17:24:44 <knaszradi> awesome - let's move forward
17:25:02 <knaszradi> the next question is to see if there's someone who wants to step-up and be a leader in these discussions moving forward?
17:25:06 <Anup> I want to
17:25:15 <knaszradi> Anup: great quick response!
17:25:25 <Anup> Was waiting for it :P
17:25:36 <knaszradi> wonderful - thanks for taking the lead here
17:25:48 <Anup> My Pleasure :)
17:26:03 <knaszradi> after we cover next steps I'll reach out to you later this week with how I can help support you!
17:26:18 <Anup> Sure , I would be waiting for it :)
17:26:18 <knaszradi> so…for next steps…I really want to refer to the wisdom of the group
17:26:30 <knaszradi> and on projects you all have worked on in the past
17:26:34 <gauthamraj> +1 Anup
17:26:51 <knaszradi> I know this needs to be *incredibly* well thought out and structured before we can present it and I want to get your ideas on how to do this
17:26:59 <knaszradi> create a wiki?
17:27:08 <Anup> yes, Wiki should be there..
17:27:12 <knaszradi> host a meeting to get ideas from the SWG?
17:27:29 <knaszradi> create a project plan and timeline?
17:27:37 <gauthamraj> YES..
17:27:54 <Anup> I think we should involve the whole swg group for this ..
17:28:09 <knaszradi> Anup: how would you go about involving them?
17:28:32 <imran> Yes, there is a strong need of making tutorial guides for FSA's to get started with the projects
17:28:59 <knaszradi> maybe we could create a wiki and then host a Q&A on IRC with the SWG?
17:29:00 <gauthamraj> Kate I see more reps interested in joining SWG
17:29:20 <Anup> I think a mail to the whole group what are planning to as *next steps * and what contribution we are  expecting from them  as a team
17:29:30 <gauthamraj> Do we have any criteria for it ?
17:29:40 <knaszradi> gauthamraj: where do you see them - they can join our mailing list :)
17:29:55 <knaszradi> nope - they just have to be interested and willing to participate in the conversation
17:30:01 <gauthamraj> on my fb mesaages
17:30:27 <knaszradi> ok - they can request to join the mailing list remo-swg or you can just send me their email addresses and I will add them
17:30:41 <gauthamraj> Perfect
17:30:49 <knaszradi> Anup: to go backwards
17:30:57 <knaszradi> I think that's a great idea
17:31:13 <knaszradi> I especially like the part about what we are expecting from them as a team
17:31:41 <knaszradi> would you be willing to create a wiki page and draft an email to them by the end of the week? (I can then help review!)
17:32:01 <Anup> Sure ....
17:32:30 <knaszradi> awesome - and if you run into any trouble - I'm here to help :)
17:32:43 <knaszradi> ok all - I think that about wraps it up for this meeting
17:32:56 <knaszradi> once Anup has finished these two items we will provide feedback to him
17:33:13 <knaszradi> and then take the next step to get the rest of the SWG involved
17:33:38 <Anup> I will start working on it right away !
17:33:38 <gauthamraj> Anup can you mail me the brainstroaming etherpad used today ?
17:33:49 <knaszradi> now I'm going to go to sleep (so I feel better!) but I hope you all have a great day!
17:33:55 <knaszradi> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/studentambassadors-relationshipwithreps
17:33:57 <Anup> Sure @ Gauthamraj :)
17:33:59 <xelawafs> #action Anup drafs's wiki and email
17:34:14 <knaszradi> thanks Alex for moderating :)
17:34:26 <knaszradi> bye all!
17:34:32 <xelawafs> lol, thank remobot :)
17:34:35 <xelawafs> by
17:34:42 <xelawafs> #endmeeting