14:40:38 <xelawafs> #startmeeting
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14:40:39 <knaszradi> awesome!
14:40:40 <gauthamraj> Yeah...
14:40:59 <knaszradi> #info background on this meeting
14:41:14 <Bahy> #action
14:41:33 <fauzanalfi> Today's meeting is gonna be awesome!
14:41:33 <knaszradi> I'm feeling like somethings we're doing are a little unclear so I felt it would be good for each of the Leads to align on our priorities and next steps
14:41:35 <xelawafs> @Bahi: you need to proceed with a statement after writing action
14:41:43 <knaszradi> fauzanalfi: love that you said that!
14:41:52 <fauzanalfi> :)
14:42:37 <knaszradi> so, what we're doing today is reviewing what I've written on the agenda (Leads) and then deciding on how to proceed as a group (Leads) together with Leads meetings
14:42:43 <knaszradi> agenda: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/studentprogram-leadsmeeting-july31
14:43:03 <knaszradi> #action - please take 5 minutes now to review the 'Important topics to cover' section
14:43:12 <Shahid> But sorry that I will have to leave soon.. I have to go for Taraveeh, a special prayer in holy month of Ramadan.. hope u all can under stand
14:43:12 <knaszradi> and write any questions you have in the etherpad
14:43:27 <knaszradi> Shahid: np - we'll send out notes after
14:43:45 <Shahid> Thanks Kate :)
14:46:26 <knaszradi> #action: in 3 minutes we will come back together as a group and I can answer any questions you may have about the next steps
14:49:38 <knaszradi> #topic - are there any immediate questions about the next steps?
14:50:02 <xelawafs> #topic - are there any immediate questions about the next steps?
14:50:38 <xelawafs> I've got one
14:50:46 <knaszradi> #action - I will answer all of your questions before sending out the notes (for the sake of expediency) and set up a timeline for the Leads on a spreadsheet in the month of August
14:50:56 <knaszradi> xelawafs: please go ahead
14:51:26 <xelawafs> from what we've listed with as ways to reach out to regions we didn't receive responses foir the RMA, do you have any addiotional ideas?
14:52:05 <knaszradi> another thought is reaching out directly to community builders in those countries/regions
14:52:25 <Kjdomanog> +1 to kate
14:52:48 <xelawafs> #action: Raj and Alex to reach out to community builders + community regarding RMA aplications
14:53:18 <xelawafs> ok, cool
14:53:28 <knaszradi> xelawafs: can this be done before August 7th (so that we can make our decision on RMAs during that SWG meeting)
14:53:52 <xelawafs> yeah, we can do that. Will link up with Raj and start
14:53:54 <gauthamraj> #agreed
14:54:00 <knaszradi> awesome - thanks!
14:54:19 <Kjdomanog> #agreed
14:54:42 <gauthamraj> Kate any updates about Newsletter ?
14:55:14 <knaszradi> gauthamraj: as in, when will it go out?
14:55:33 <gauthamraj> Oh..yeah
14:56:00 <knaszradi> finalizing formatting right now and then it will go out on August 5th (the 5th of every month)
14:56:19 <knaszradi> if you would like me to - I can include the call for participation in the RMA program
14:56:33 <gauthamraj> If need any help in that I can help as I contribute to webmaker as well ( knows html )
14:56:42 <gauthamraj> Yeah..do that
14:56:56 <xelawafs> #action Kate to include participation of RMA in this month's news letter
14:57:11 <knaszradi> gauthamraj: thanks so much! We actually have kjdomanog and another new volunteers as well - but I'll ping you if we need extra support!
14:57:25 <gauthamraj> Thanks :)
14:57:33 <knaszradi> thank YOU!
14:57:47 <knaszradi> ok all - we're nearing the hour so I want to jump down to the next item
14:58:30 <knaszradi> #idea we hold Leads meetings every other week (the weeks we don't have SWG meetings) at the same time and day
14:58:32 <knaszradi> thoughts?
14:58:47 <Kjdomanog> #agreed
14:58:56 <knaszradi> I think it's important for us all to align
14:59:01 <gauthamraj> #agreed with kate
14:59:07 <knaszradi> when (as you can see) there's a lot to tackle in the near future :)
14:59:16 <knaszradi> in order to set us up for success this fall
14:59:19 <fauzanalfi> #agreed
14:59:25 <xelawafs> yeah, makes sense
14:59:36 <xelawafs> we all really need to get in there
14:59:41 <Kjdomanog> I'm good with what we have as the current meeting schedules
14:59:54 <Bahy> #agreed
15:00:15 <knaszradi> ok awesome - let's plan on having our next *Leads* meeting on August 14th
15:00:20 <knaszradi> at the same time
15:00:34 <knaszradi> I will, of course, send out meeting reminders and an agenda leading up to the meeting
15:00:46 <gauthamraj> Perfect
15:00:59 <knaszradi> #action - Kate send reminders/agenda for next meeting on August 14th
15:01:15 <knaszradi> #action - Kate send out meeting notes from today with timeline for leads to follow to next meeting
15:01:21 <knaszradi> (I'll do that today)
15:01:48 <xelawafs> #action Alex to email on irc rules for mentors session
15:02:31 <gauthamraj> Alex we can use the same protocols as in other meeting
15:04:28 <knaszradi> #action - I move to close the meeting - thank you all for attending!
15:04:42 <knaszradi> xelawafs: would you be able to send over the meeting log?
15:04:51 <xelawafs> #endmeeting